Why You Need UV Protective Rashies

Why You Need UV Protective Rashies

In the past, UV rashies (or sun safe tops) have received an undeservedly bad rap for being uncool. Yet in countries known for their bright sunshine and love for watersports, wearing a rashie can mean the difference between a great day on the water or a very painful aftermath following sunburn!


Ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun penetrate shallow layers of the skin and can cause substantial damage to deeper cells. The body protects itself by producing melanin, which darkens the skin. A rash vest prevents the contact of UV rays with the skin, creating a physical barrier to reduce life-threatening diseases like melanoma and other skin cancers. 


Are all rashies UV proof? 

A rashie, or sun protection shirt, that effectively prevents ultraviolet sun rays from making contact with the skin are all ‘ultra-violet proof.’ However, Vaikobi’s unisex performance rashies are treated with the highest UV 50+ sun protection for the ultimate sun-safe day on the waves. Most UV-certified rashies are made of fabrics such as spandex, nylon, or polyester that are thick enough to block these rays. 


Performance features to look for in swimming wear: UV protection

While all good sun protection shirts will block UV rays, several other factors will impact user comfort and performance, depending on their chosen activity. If you’re not comfortable in your sun protective shirt, you probably won’t wear it. Vaikobi’s UV Range has been designed to protect wearers from the sun, and keep body temperature at the optimum level in warm to hot conditions. Vaikobi women’s and men’s UV protection leggings and tops work to provide maximum coverage. This makes our apparel ideal for high movement sports like sailing, wingfoiling, windsurfing, paddling, stand-up paddle-boarding, surfing, and kayaking - with an ergonomic design. This is also an extremely vital factor to consider when sailing in tropical climates to prevent serious illnesses like heat stroke and dehydration. Our flat-lock stitching and VLight fabrication technology work together to ensure breathability and overall user well-being. 


We’ve got you covered no matter your preferred style of ultra-violet proof gear. Check out some of our best-selling products below. 


Fitted Long Sleeve UV Rashie Tops

The long sleeve UV rashie is extremely lightweight and fitted, providing a sleek profile. With the correct sizing optimised for the user, there will be no disruption to performance and discomfort from baggy sleeves. Importantly, as this top gets wet, the water absorption is minimal and complete with quick-dry technology. It is available in adult and youth sizing in silver, silver + cyan, and silver + fluro orange.

Vaikobi UV Rash Top

Mens UV Performance Long Sleeve Tech Top

For sports elevated above the water, like windsurfing, wingfoiling, paddling and kayaking, the relaxed fitting Long Sleeve UV Tech Top top is another terrific option for hot conditions to keep you feeling great. Both lightweight and breathable, this top is highly versatile and is an excellent option for teams and sports clubs. They are available in lime, charcoal and heathered blue. 

For covering up the lower body, Vaikobi stocks many options for both male and female body types. 

 Vaikobi Performance Long Sleeve Tech Tee

UV Paddle Shorts- Unisex

The Vaikobi UV Paddle Shorts are our signature performance short for warm to hot conditions, designed to keep you cool and protected while paddling. Our seamless airprene seat pad protects your rear from chaffing, while keeping you cool.

Importantly the waistband has been designed to provide a super soft and comfortable finish for extra comfort when rotating. A waist tie will help keep them up in surf conditions. They are available in black or dark grey.

Vaikobi UV Paddle Short

UV Paddle Shorts-Women 

The Women’s UV Paddle Shorts have been designed specifically for female body shapes and feature a super soft waistband for increased comfort. With a seamless airprene seat pad, you will not find a more comfortable paddle short anywhere! They are available in black with a tribal print teal waistband.

Vaikobi Women's UV Shorts

For higher coverage with similar features to the UV shorts, our Women’s  UV leggings are full-length. 

Women's UV Full Length Leggings

UV Paddle Pants 

The Vaikobi paddle pants are our most popular product for paddlers who like full UV coverage. They have been designed to provide high durability and minimal restriction but with the highest protection available. They are available in black. Thicker versions of these paddle pants for colder weather are in black and navy.


If you are spending prolonged periods of time in the sun, you need a UV rash top to protect your skin and stay cool.

For more on our UV collection and rashie sun protection, visit the Vaikobi website. 





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