Vaikobi Men's Bottoms, Pants, Shorts and Wetsuits

Vaikobi's Range of Kayaking Pants, Sailing Pants and Wetsuit Pants - Men's 

Need to keep your seat, waist, and legs protected while training or racing on the water?  Vaikobi creates long-legged bottoms including wetsuit pants and sailing pants made from a combination of neoprene, airprene, lycra and hydrofleece, designed in Australia to offer thermal and abrasion resistance and UV50+ protection for the waist, seat and legs. Wear Vaikobi bottoms, pants and shorts when you need to be comfortable while paddling, sailing and general watersports. 


Neoprene is made from a combination of synthetic rubber and fabrics that are laminated together, and is used mainly for wetsuits and watersports tops and pants. Some neoprene contains harmful chemicals. Find out how to choose a neoprene wetsuit that is REACH certified.

Neoprene is not waterproof, but is designed to be worn in the water to keep you warm during watersports. View our range of neoprene wetsuits, tops and pants for watersports.