Vaikobi long-sleeve rashies (otherwise known as rash tops or rash vests) are extremely lightweight and UV50+ sun safe, helping you block out the sun while paddling, surfing, sailing or enjoying the water. Choose from a range of mens rashies and unisex rashies in a range of great colours, all made with high quality, sun safe lycra. Our rashies are designed alongside performance watersports athletes, so only Vaikobi rashies offer neck protection, full length arm protection as well as a full range of movement for surfing, paddling and sailing.


A rashie is a long sleeve lycra shirt that is worn tight against the body and worn during watersports such as sailing, kayaking or surfski paddling. Most rashies are UV protective. Read about why you need a sun protective rashie for watersports.

Rashies (otherwise known as rash vests or UV sun tops) are not designed to keep you warm, they are designed to protect the skin from abrasion during watersports and to keep the sun off the arms, neck and back. Looking for a top to keep you warm? View our thermal base layer tops for watersports.