Vaikobi Youth Collection Kayaking and Sailing Gear for Kids


Kayak Clothing and Sailing Clothes for Youth 

Teenagers and kids don’t miss out with Vaikobi’s Youth collection designed for smaller bodies. Our youth performance gear uses the same core technology as our primary collection, but has an ergonomic cut and sizing to best suit 9-14 year olds.

What should I look for when checking my child’s wetsuit size and fit? 

Key areas to check are the wrists, ankles and underneath the arms when fitting a wetsuit. While kids and youth are growing, make sure the material around the wrists and ankles are tight to prevent cold water from easily entering and exiting the wetsuit. 

A little bit of give under the arms is okay for growing bodies, but if the wetsuit appears visibly baggy or does not hug key areas, size it down for the best warmth. While wetsuits and wetsuit tops stretch slightly over time, make sure the neck is not too tight to prevent restriction and discomfort. 

How do I fit a youth life jacket? 

Check the best size of your child’s life jacket by using the ear height test. If the lifejacket can be pulled above the ears with a tug after zipping up and tightening the waist clip, the life jacket is too large and a smaller one should be selected. This will prevent the wearer from slipping out or having restricted vision when floating. A life jacket should sit snugly against the chest and shouldn’t ride up past the chin. A leg strap is available to ensure the best fit for smaller body frames.


While a life jacket is not mandatory for inshore paddle boarders, the benefits of wearing a life jacket in on a SUP is the ability to stand out (be visible on the water) with a brightly coloured life jacket, and the benefit of being able to take water with you in a hydration bladder that fits into your PFD. Find out what to take for a great day out paddle boarding.

Life jackets do not have an expiry date, but there are several things to watch out for as your PDF life jacket gets used over time. Stay safe and find out more about PFD expiry dates in our article: Do life jackets have an expiry date.

Different states within Australia have different rules around wearing PFDs while kayaking, as do other countries around the world. Please check with your local waterways authority before kayaking alone. Find out more in our comprehensive article to find out if you need a life jacket for kayaking.

Swim vests are worn to help aid a neutral swimming position and are mostly worn by young children. A life jacket is different to a swim vest in that is has an official buoyancy rating and is not designed for stroke swimming, rather to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.

A PFD life jacket is a personal floatation device which has a safety and buoyancy rating for keeping adults or children afloat in the water. All Vaikobi PFDs have a buoyancy rating above the minimum floatation required, which is ISO 12402-5 certification. Find out more in this article: How to choose the right PFD for you.

We’re glad you asked! A life jacket, buoyancy vest or PDF are pretty much the same things, but are called different terms around the world. To find out more, read our article: What is the difference between a PFD and a life jacket.