Vaikobi Life Jackets for paddling and sailing

The most comfortable range of PFDs and Life Jackets you'll ever wear.

Vaikobi's range of life jackets (PFDs, life vests, buoyancy aids) is designed to keep you safe and highly visible on the water, while being really comfortable. Designed and tested in Australia to International standards, our personal flotation devices are so comfortable you won't even know you're wearing them!

Looking for a PFD for kayaking, canoeing, surf ski paddling or stand up paddle boarding?

View Vaikobi’s Australian-designed life jackets for kayaking. With hydration pockets and storage pockets, as well as high vis safety colours, our range of life jackets are ideal for paddlers and people who enjoy being on the water.

Looking for sailing life jackets?

View our range of sailing PFDs designed for windsports such as windsurfing, wingfoiling and sailing. The low profile is ideal for use on skiffs, small boats, sports boats and foiling craft.

Looking for a kids life jacket or a PFD for young children?

Vaikobi makes life jackets for kids and teens so they can have fun while staying safe on the water. View our Youth PFD collection.

The most comfortable life jacket you’ll ever wear: 

Every Vaikobi life jacket is designed to be safe, comfortable, and perform in all conditions. The minimal, low profile design and performance fabrication moulds your body so you won’t even know you’re wearing it. Our life jackets are lightweight due to the high buoyancy rating of our super soft foam. More buoyancy means less bulk.

Life Jacket Safety rating:

Vaikobi PFDs are manufactured to the most internationally recognised standard, ISO 12402-5 (Level 50 - equivalent to AS 4758 Type 2, USCG 50N) so you can be confident your Vaikobi PFD will be there when you need it.


All Vaikobi PFDs are super lightweight and comfortable, but to choose the best life jacket style for your needs, please check out the information and videos on the V3, VXP and VX.

We're glad you asked! Essentially nothing, but please read our article that explains the differences between a PFD and a life jacket.

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Many of our athletes continue to train in cold conditions wearing Vaikobi gear. Please view our VCOLD and FlexForce collections, which are designed for temperature control in cool to cold conditions. Also check out our guide on how to wear your Vaikobi gear

Vaikobi's UV range is designed to provide SPF50+ sun protection for ocean addicts who need to train and race in bright sunlight for long periods of time. You might want to check out our article on Why you need a UV protective rashie. And don't forget to protect your eyes and face on the water with our range of sunglasses and hats

Vaikobi designs tops and pants that are ideal for paddle boarding. You can shop by sport in the main menu.