Vaikobi Footwear Collection

Sailing Boots + Water Shoes

Protect your feet from the elements while you feel connected to your craft. That’s the design inspiration behind every pair of Vaikobi sailing boots, kayak shoes, water shoes and neoprene socks for watersports. With both superior flexibility and durability, Vaikobi have created the best dinghy sailing boots and water shoes that enhance performance. Choose from a range of lightweight surfing bootie styles through to tall sailing boots for cold water.


In warm conditions many paddlers and kayakers prefer not to wear water shoes or boots, but when the weather is cold, you can wear neoprene socks or lightweight flexible sailing boots. Here is everything you need to know about watershoes.

Vaikobi recommends always rinsing your sailing boots or water shoes with fresh water after each use. Then drying them between uses, always in the shade (never in direct sun). In this article we share or tips for what to wear on your feet when on the water.

Wetsuit socks (also called wetsuit booties) keep the feet insulated from cold water and cold surfaces such as your surfski. They are not designed to keep your feet dry. Find out more in this article on wetsuit socks.