Vaikobi’s range of VCOLD pants explained - which one is right for you?

Vaikobi’s range of VCOLD pants explained - which one is right for you?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable watersports pant for cold conditions - what features are most important in each temperature range, and how do you choose between each of the 3 pant styles in Vaikobi’s VCOLD range?

This article will help ocean addicts and watersports athletes make that important gear decision, and level up their performance in style and comfort - no matter how cold it gets!

The VCOLD Pant Range:

Vaikobi has three kinds of VCOLD pants for cold temperature conditions, taking you from absolutely freezing paddling temps all the way up to moderate and mild conditions. If you need a pant for warm water paddling and watersports please see our UV range of pants.

GBS 3mm Pant for freezing to cold conditions:

When it’s so cold you can see your breath in the air, you can’t go past the Vaikobi GBS 3mm pant. Vaikobi designed this neoprene pant with the extreme cold in mind; and engineered it to fit the seated position like paddling, jet skiing or sitting in a boat on a freezing day. Designed to keep you drier and warmer than a wetsuit; the GBS liquid seams stop water creeping in through the legs, and the high back design keeps the kidney area and lower back protected, even in the seated position. The 3mm neoprene really insulates from the cold water and air, while the plush inner fleece lining feels great next to the skin and is super cozy to put on - even at 4am. The GBS 3mm pant “gives paddlers the chance to get out on the water even when conditions are not favourable, and will keep the legs and lower back safe from dangerous cold exposure.” explains Vaikobi Product Designer Bart Bart Milczarczyk.


VCOLD Flex Paddle Pant for cold to cool conditions:

The VCOLD Flex pant has been one of Vaikobi’s best sellers worldwide for over 5 seasons now - and for good reason! This lightweight flexible paddle pant is super versatile, taking paddlers from very cold water conditions (5 degrees celsius) right through to mild conditions. The way it does this is via the advanced “airprene” fabrication, which Bart explains “lets the body breathe once it starts to heat up - which means paddlers won’t overheat if the sun comes out, the wind drops or they start to sweat.” Vaikobi knows that all these variables can happen on a normal paddling day, so keen paddlers can enjoy one pant that can cross over from really cold through to mild. Paddlers all over the world swear by the VCOLD Flex pant and won’t leave home without it. They love the thermal properties of the airprene, the high back, low front and the lighter weight neoprene leg panels that make it easy to get on. The VCOLD Flex Pant is available in black and navy.


VCOLD Hydroflex Pant for cool to mild conditions:

This is an exciting new thermal pant innovation, because the Hydroflex (which is a quick drying microfleece) fabrication keeps you warm in cold water, but breathes and feels great all the way up to about 17 degrees celsius. “Paddlers and sailors loved our Hydroflex Top so much that we tested the fabrication in a pant, and the results and feedback were amazing!” says Bart. For anyone who needs some cold water protection but doesn’t like the feel of neoprene, this pant provides a lightweight cozy legging that can get wet and dry fast. The Hydroflex pant has been engineered for the male body, and comes with side pockets for convenience. Vaikobi customers have been wearing the Hydroflex Pant as a thermal layer while hiking, and even to the gym on a cold morning - so it’s a winner across so many activities on and off the water.


We hope this discussion of our range of VCOLD pants helps you choose the best paddling or thermal pant for your needs. For an up close look at the range, check out our explainer video on the complete VCOLD pant range.

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