What You Need For A Great Paddle Boarding day: A Buying Guide

What You Need For A Great Paddle Boarding day: A Buying Guide

Are you ready to SUP like a pro? Stand-up paddle boarding is the perfect outdoor activity to soak up the sun by yourself or have a blast with other paddlers. But before you hit the open water, make sure you're equipped with the right gear to stay safe and have an awesome time. This guide to paddle boarding gear has got you covered, whether you're an experienced paddler or a newbie ready to take on the challenge. Let's dive in!

Variables to Consider When Paddle Boarding

Before we get into the clothing and gear you need for a great paddle-boarding day, let's first discuss the variables to consider when paddle-boarding. You might have guessed it - weather probably plays the most significant role in paddleboarding:

  1. Sun or UV: Check the UV forecast before you head out and plan accordingly. Sunny or high UV days require more sun protective clothing, while overcast days may require more layers to stay warm.
  1. Water Temperature: It is important to consider the water temperature when selecting your clothing and gear. The water temperature can affect the overall apparent air temperature too, so even if it’s a warm day on shore, very cold water will bring this temp down.
  1. Wind: Wind conditions can greatly affect your paddle boarding experience. On windy days, you may want to consider a different location or choose a different activity altogether. Although, If you just can’t help yourself, in proper clothing and gear, the wind is not a concern, just make sure you are not alone in case the wind might be blowing away from land and therefore safety. 
  1. Duration of Your Trip: Consider how long you will be out on the water. Longer trips may require more clothing layers and food and water supplies.


Essential Paddle Board Clothing

Choosing the right clothing for paddle boarding is important for both comfort and safety, but it is tricky as well with so many options! You're in luck because we’ve listed the most crucial SUP gear for you:

  1. A Life jacket or PFD: One of the most critical equipment or clothing elements for water sports. When you’re keen on buying a SUP PFD, consider choosing a brightly coloured PFD to help you stand out from other watercraft, and one that has some zip storage for handy items or fits a hydration bladder. Vaikobi offers PFDs that are lightweight and comfortable when paddle boarding. 
    Vaikobi Fluro Yellow Life Jacket
  1. Tops designed for paddling: They are great for sunny days and can protect you from the sun's harmful rays or cold water. Paddling tops are also useful in preventing underarm chafing from a repetitive paddling action
    Paddling Top
  1. SUP shorts or pants: Leggings or wetsuit pants can be a great option for colder weather paddle boarding. They are lightweight, comfortable, and offer added warmth. For better weather, UV lycra shorts or boardies are preferred by paddle boarders. Vaikobi has a great range of different SUP pants and shorts. 
    Paddling Shorts
  1. Footwear for paddle boarding: Shoes for paddle boarding and other water sports are designed to protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects in the water, but make sure they give you traction and support without compromising foot sensitivity with the SUP surface. Vaikobi watersports shoes offer an easy way out of cold feet forever! Water shoes
  1. Hats for watersports: It goes without saying that a well fitting lightweight hat is a great idea for any watersport. Vaikobi headwear includes peaked caps, lightweight race caps, surf hats with a wide brim and neck cover and visors. 
    Vaikobi Race Cap


  1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are essential for eye protection on sunny days. Look for sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare from the water. Fortunately, Vaikobi has got you covered with a wide selection of polarized sunglasses. 
    Polarized sunglasses


Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that is growing in popularity worldwide. It is important not to rush things and consider different factors, like weather and the duration of your trip. Additionally, selecting the right clothing and gear is crucial for both comfort and safety while paddle boarding. By following this guide and investing in quality gear from the design team at Vaikobi, you can ensure an enjoyable and safe paddle boarding experience, whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro.

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