Vaikobi and PaddleLife powering to new levels in 2018!

March 20, 2018

PIC: Sean racing in Tahiti

When Sean Rice is not winning on the world stage as one of the top athletes on the Vaikobi Race Team, Sean is spreading the stoke for SurfSki paddling around the World with PaddleLife

PaddleLife started out as a year long global tour of coaching clinics run by Sean and his wife Emily at every paddling venue you could think of, providing a variety of workshops and clinics catering for paddlers at all levels. 

Continually supported by Vaikobi and Think Kayaks, the PaddleLife Global Tour as it became known, built a massive following of international paddlers who all enjoyed Sean's bespoke clinics, designed to improve their paddling and enjoyment of the Surfski Lifestyle. 

PIC: Sean with Adrienne Langley (Vaikobi Co-Founder) and Paul Torriero (Vaikobi Canada)

Today, PaddleLife not only provides bespoke workshops and clinics located at key paddling venues around the world, but also offers a range of online coaching and mentoring options through the new HAKSU personalised online training system which now also includes video analysis to really fine tune your technique.

PIC: Another happy group of paddlers- PaddleLife Spain

Across both platforms, Sean uses his decades of paddling experience to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help guide you through your own journey of improvement and enjoyment on the water.

Sean gets a massive kick out of seeing paddlers at all levels progress to a new level of proficiency and enjoyment!

Vaikobi is stoked to be able to continually support this fantastic program which has had such a great impact on so many paddlers around the world.

For more information on PaddleLife 2018 clinics as well the HAKSU personalised online training program, go to:

We look forward to seeing all the PaddleLife paddlers out on the water this year!


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