The Vaikobi PFD Range Explained

The Vaikobi PFD Range Explained

After years of fine-tuning, the range of Vaikobi performance life jackets have been designed to cater to the unique range of motion, impact areas and storage requirements that differs between sports. While each of Vaikobi’s PFDs are different, they are all ISO 12402-5 certified (Level 50). 

So, what are the differences between the Vaikobi PFDs; VXI Pro, VXP, V3 and VX?



Impact Protection: Best for high-speed watersports like wing foiling, wind surfing, performance sailing, tow foiling, kiting, surf ski paddling, jet skiing and wakeboarding.

This life jacket is an exciting addition to Vaikobi’s top-of-the-range collection - you’ll notice that it features in Vaikobi’s paddle and windsports collections. This is because it is designed for high-speed, performance-driven sports that might involve an athlete colliding with water at velocity. 

Impact protection technology is designed to reduce and absorb potential blows to the torso. The adaptive foam padding and stretch neoprene construction adjust to your body shape, offering customised protection for the chest and back. 

This lifejacket will move with the body (and stay in place) while keeping the wearer safe through the thrills and spills of adrenaline sports. The Vaikobi VXI Pro life jacket sits high on the chest and has a unique webbing harness loop which is optimal for sports like windsurfing, skiff sailing and kiteboarding. The secure velcro chest pocket on the front of the lifejacket is a great way to store essential items. The hydration bladder pocket on the back is good for long training sessions where you can’t keep a bulky water bottle handy. 

Choose a minimal or highly visible design with our navy and fluro orange colour choices.



Maximum Comfort and Breathability: Best for ocean sports like downwind paddling, ocean skiing and offshore kayaking 

The primary difference between Vaikobi paddle PFDs is how you get into them! The V3 life jacket has a classic front zip entry system with a super lightweight and breathable design. It has no side panels for optimal heat regulation without the bulk. This big cut out under the armpits mean your arms won’t touch the vest, leaving you to move freely without even knowing you’re wearing a lifejacket.

The straps are fully adjustable to fit snugly over all builds, with shoulder padding to prevent rubbing during highly active sessions. The straps on each shoulder provide the perfect anchor points for a VHF radio.

The dual front pockets leave space for a few essential items without impeding your range of movement. The internal lanyard allows you to tie objects in to prevent overboard losses.

Vaikobi paddle PFDs both offer a large pocket on the back of the lifejacket for a water bladder up to 1.5L with hose guide tabs for quick, hands-free hydration on the water.

This PFD also has a range of high vis colour options to keep you safe and seen: choose from pink, fluro orange, cyan and fluro yellow.



Lighter, Safer, Faster: Best for low light paddling, and most watersports.

The VXP lightweight life jacket has a minimalist design that makes it a great choice for most paddle sports. Its side entry makes for easy fitting with a sleek and secure low-profile design. It has a large storage-friendly chest pocket with drainage mesh for holding gels, food and waterproof devices: fantastic for long-distance paddles.

We know that visibility is important to the paddling community. This paddling PFD has the highest torso coverage of our designs and is available in fluro yellow, fluro orange, cyan and pink. Over the years, Vaikobi has fine-tuned the VXP design with customer feedback. The pocket on the back now matches the block colour of the whole life jacket, so you’re more visible to other people and craft on the water. The reflective detailing boosts your chance of being seen in low light for those blue and golden hour paddles. 

Like the V3, its lack of side panels provides maximum breathability and temperature regulation.

The flexi foam moulds to your body after 1-2 uses to offer a comfortable, customised fit that reduces any opportunity for the vest to get in the way of your arms. Low, adjustable straps prevent riding up with low adjustable straps.

Like the V3, the VXP also has a large 1.5L capacity hydration pocket allowing you to get the most out of your training session without having to slow down. 



Low Profile, Form Fitting: Best Optimised for windsports like dinghy sailing, yachting, sports boats and windsurfing

Vaikobi Sailing PFDs have a smooth, minimal, close-fit profile to allow for the best movement through a boat: where a thousand fittings lay between you and the opposite gunwale. The neoprene shoulder and side panels on this PFD reduce the chances of catching on hardware, and won’t slow you down through the tacks and gybes.

A secure chest pocket with a diagonal zip allows the retrieval of small safety items during capsizes.

This lifejacket is worn high up on the chest for integration with a waist and trapeze harness. Our VX print grip detail on the inner panel makes great contact with your Vaikobi wetsuit or rashie to prevent riding up, without being abrasive. 

Because our sailing PFDs are designed for vessels ranging in size between dinghies and yachts, it does not have a pocket for a hydration bladder, instead prioritising its fitted qualities for squeezing through slim spaces. Available in black, cyan and red. 


Want to know more about life jackets? Check out the product details under each of our PFD life jackets.


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