2022 Vaikobi Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Vaikobi Holiday Gift Guide

Time on the water is the ultimate gift. So when it comes to presents for the ocean addicts in your life, have you nailed it this year? Vaikobi has put together the ultimate holiday gift guide to take all the stress out of buying gifts for your loved ones. For the best gifts for water sports enthusiasts, check out our top 6 gift ideas below. 


  1. Hooded Change towel

The hooded towel is a nostalgic blast from the past. As popular as it is for kids, we've decided to bring it back for adults, providing a plush, comfortable, and high-coverage alternative to the humble beach towel. We all know the carpark changing battle; the ‘Houdini’ act, where trying to wriggle into a wetsuit while keeping everything off-display can prove challenging! The Vaikobi hooded towel is specially designed to have proper length to keep the lower half of the body covered when bending to enter and exit your gear. It is made from wicker polyester fleece, making it quick-dry and perfect for multiple daily uses. 

The best part - it's one size fits all! Its oversized hood and side splits mean it's easy to move around it regardless of your body shape, making it safely the perfect gift for any surfer, paddler, or water sports enthusiast in your life. 


  1. Key Lock box

Know someone who spends their whole life on the water? We certainly do! Give them peace of mind this holiday season and get them a key lock box. A lockable storage box is a super secure way for someone to store their keys outside their car while enjoying the surf. It has a highly secure four-digit code (set by the user) and a weatherproof cover to protect stored electronics from the elements. The Vaikobi Key Lock Box has large dimensions which easily fit bulkier key chains. The Vaikobi lock is also foam-backed to protect its contents and the vehicle from any abrasive elements. This is an easy one to wrap as a gift, and doesn’t rely on knowing someone’s size or taste in clothing.


  1. Vaikobi ocean ski leash

Our new range of coloured leashes have just dropped, meaning you can now gift your friend a stylish new addition to their surf ski. The Vaikobi 2-piece calf leash is now available in bright pink, cyan, fluro orange and fluro yellow. Go bold for someone who likes to have fun on the water and cares about their safety. Perhaps their old surf ski strap is looking a bit worse for wear? Upgrade them to Vaikobi! Like our original design, this accessory is a 100% reliable 2-piece design with a strap and coil. It has been tested by our athletes in various conditions and is an essential piece of safety equipment for ocean paddling: no one should leave the shore without one. It has a 500kg high-load carabiner with a gate hook end that will not unclip and a German-made Polyurethane coil. Its corrosion-resistant elements also make it super durable and reliable, despite exposure to the elements. It is fully adjustable, meaning the sizing is made easy. Looking for an easy stocking-stuffer? This is it!


  1. Hats, caps and visors for the water or beach 

Is Santa looking a little short on gifts this year? You can never go wrong with wrapping up a hat, visor or cap. Having sun protection that stays on the head throughout rigorous athletic activity is difficult to find. The Vaikobi hat range includes a performance visor, performance cap, snapback cap, and downwind surf hat. We even have a super epic snapback flat cap for kids, giving them the coolest accessory in the boat park. Our cap designs are quick dry, reduce glare with a dark underside and have a highly secure internal adjuster with no external velcro. They also come in a range of highly visible colours, meaning you'll be able to spot your loved one from afar, and so will other vessels! 


  1. Waterproof Phone case 

Next on our ultimate gift list is a Vaikobi waterproof phone case. This is an excellent gift for anyone who spends time on the beach and near the water. The Vaikobi case is IP68 certified and submersible at one metre for up to an hour in the event of a mishap. Its super secure closure system, which has a three-fold seal and velcro safety, will not prevent you from using your phone as normal. A clear touch screen and transparent rear window allow you to easily navigate your screen and take photos. Because we love to look good as well as go fast on the water, our phone cases are available in grey, fluro yellow, fluro orange, cyan, and hot pink - meaning it will match any Vaikobi PFD. 


  1. Race Backpack

For people who are on the go, the Vaikobi Race backpack lets them carry a great deal of gear (wet and dry) with them. A huge 36L capacity, with pockets everywhere - this is the backpack watersports addicts love. This gift will outlast other bags, with strong and durable fabrication and heavy-duty zips and seams. They can stash wet gear in a waterproof bottom zip section, while still being able to access regular dry gear from the top and sides. Padded sides and inner section is designed to protect valuables and add comfort. Wrap this up for a truly impressive gift this season!


Returns Policy for Vaikobi gifts that are not quite right

Not sure if you've nailed it? Our Vaikobi returns policy will give you peace of mind in case something doesn't turn out as hoped. We want our customers to love their Vaikobi products, but if you need to return an order, we're happy to help. Should you wish to return anything bought from us, we will be happy to exchange or refund a product provided it is in a fully resalable condition, even if this is outside the normal returns time cutoff due to holidays... we get it!

Just email us directly at customerservice@vaikobi.com, and we'll take you through the process. 

Check out our website for more information, or get in touch with us to ask a question. 

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