ICF World Surfski Champion Sean Rice (RSA) joins Vaikobi Race Team

February 03, 2015

We are super stoked to welcome current ICF World Surfski Champion, Sean Rice from South Africa to the Vaikobi Race Team!

Sean Rice is pumped to be part of the Vaikobi Race Team and said that "I have been really enjoying training and racing in Vaikobi gear and in particular my favourite items are the V Cold Paddle Pant and V Cold Base Layer Top which are simply brilliant. I am super stoked to be partnering with Vaikobi to have access to best gear for performance paddling".

Vaikobi's Pat Langley commented that, "Sean's record speaks for itself and he is a fantastic ambassador for paddle sport where he is spreading the stoke around the world to promote the healthy paddling lifestyle. Sean has been testing and enjoying our gear for some time now and the timing was right for us to be able to welcome the World Champ on to the Vaikobi Race Team."

Sean is currently on a year long world tour visiting every corner of the globe with partner Emily who together founded Paddle Life. For more information and dates go to Paddlelife

Sean Rice Profile

Age: 25
Born: Cape Town, South Africa
Home: Cape Town South Africa
Weapon of Choice: Think Kayaks, Orka Paddles
Website: www.yourpaddlelife.com

Sean is the current ICF Surfski Champion, a title he earned in 2013 in Portugal when he beat fellow Vaikobi teammate, Tim Jacobs (AUS) in an epic battle. A professional paddler for the past 6 years, Sean's achievements span across, Sprint, Marathon and Surfski paddling where he has won many iconic races around the globe.

Sean's love and passion for the sport is carried wherever he goes and is evident on and off the race course. Not only is he a dedicated athlete, he is a passionate teacher with a mission to spread the ocean paddling lifestyle around the world.



Chest (Centimeters)   82cm -87cm  89cm-95cm 97cm-102cm 107cm-112cm 117cm-122cm 127cm-132cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    66cm - 70cm  71cm - 76cm 77cm - 85cm 86cm - 95cm  96cm - 105cm 106cm - 114cm


Bust (Centimeters)   78cm -84cm  85cm-90cm 91cm-97cm 98cm-103cm 104cm-109cm 110cm-116cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    58cm - 69cm  64cm - 70cm 71cm - 76cm 77cm - 83cm  84cm - 90cm 91cm - 97cm
Hips (Centimeters)    82cm - 90cm  90cm - 96cm 97cm - 102cm 103cm - 108cm  109cm - 115cm 116cm - 122cm