Attention Sydney Paddlers- Maritime Blitz on Paddlers without PFD's this weekend


Attention Sydney Based Paddlers:

We have heard reports of the NSW Maritime running a campaign this weekend targeting paddlers (particularly surf ski paddlers) who are not wearing PFD's or who's lights are not up to standard. This time, they are not giving out warnings and are giving out fines!

Earlier in the week, one of our ipaddle training squad members (who will not be named!) was slapped with a $100 fine for not wearing a PFD. The Maritime blokes also questioned his lights which were low on battery power but let him off with a warning. Fortunately this paddler has plenty of cash, so he will survive!!!!

Most Paddlers are all wearing PFD's now, but if you still don't have one, go and see the team either at Pro Kayaks, Ocean Paddler or Paddlecraft who all have a great range of PFD's which are really light and comfortable...(sorry Vaikobi doesn't do PFD's!)

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