Beat winter with Vaikobi's VCOLD range of Paddling Gear

Beat winter with Vaikobi's VCOLD range of Paddling Gear

When the mercury drops where you live or compete, it's time to level up your cold water paddling kit, with tops, pants and shorts that will keep you comfortable. With Vaikobi's extensive range of VCOLD gear there's no excuse for staying on shore, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!   

Designed by Paddlers for Paddlers, Vaikobi has designed and developed a comprehensive range of cold weather paddling gear, designed to protect you from the elements whilst ensuring that you also don't overheat.

The VCOLD range of paddling clothing is designed for cool to cold conditions and allow the paddler to be protected from the elements, without over heating as you train and race.

Used by the best Paddlers in the world, it doesn't matter if you paddle a SUP, surfski, Paddleboard, Kayak or outrigger canoe, Vaikobi has the right paddling clothing for you for all weather conditions.

How Vaikobi VCOLD technology works:

VCOLD Technology

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Vaikobi is available at all leading speciality paddling stores around the world. For further information or dealer inquiries, please contact

About Vaikobi

Vaikobi has the best selection of performance paddling clothing designed to maintain your core body temperature to ensure optimum performance. If you are looking for paddling clothing for Kayaking, Surf Ski, SUP or multisport paddling, Vaikobi has the best range of paddling clothing for you.
The V Heat range of paddling clothing is paddling clothing that is designed to keep your body cool in the hot conditions you face in summer on your surfski, Kayak, SUP or outrigger Canoe.



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