Simon McTavish

DOB: July 96

Born: Ontario, Canada 

Based:  Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Favourite Vaikobi Item: VCOLD HYDROFLEX TOP

Born in Oakville, Ontario, Simon moved with his family to Sydney, Australia where he began paddling in 2011 at the age of 14. He represented Australia for 7 years from 2012 – 2018 on Olympic Hopes, Junior, U23 and Senior Teams.

In 2018 Simon received a Silver podium finish in the K1 x 1000 at the U23 World Championships in Pitesti, Romania. That year at the conclusion of his Bachelor of Project Management degree the opportunity presented itself to return home to Canada and Simon jumped at it. In 2019 he qualified a quota spot for Canada in the K4 500m at the World Championships in Szeged, Hungary with fellow Vaikobi Team riders Nick, PL and Mark. Simon went on to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.