What are Wetsuit Socks and Do They Work?

What are Wetsuit Socks and Do They Work?

Kayaking on a cold winter morning in a 5mm full body wetsuit (with the hood on) should be fine, right? Wrong! During my last kayak tour I was so focused on enjoying my first ride after a long break, that I forgot to wear my wetsuit socks! I could barely feel my toes by the end of the paddle. Never again will I attempt to paddle in bare feet in cold weather without wetsuit socks or surf booties.

So what are wetsuit socks and do they work?

Wetsuit socks (also called wetsuit booties) keep the feet insulated from cold water and cold surfaces such as your surfski. They are basically socks made of thin neoprene protecting your feet from cold, moisture and even helping you avoid minor cuts or scratches. Wetsuit socks are a must-have in any water sport enthusiast winter kit, whether you’re into kayaking, paddling, sailing, canoeing, surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Wetsuit socks do a great job of keeping your feet dry, warm and toasty during your winter adventures, but just be aware that if you are near sharp rocks, coral reefs or sea urchins you won’t be protected, you will need proper water shoes instead.

My choice of neoprene sock is Vaikobi’s VCold 2mm Wetsuit Socks. What I like most about these 2mm wetsuit socks is how responsive they are. Not only do they keep my feet warm but they are thin (2mm) and flexible enough so they give a great feel to the deck surface under my feet. Basically they help me keep the barefoot feel in full comfort, protected from the elements. 

Wetsuit Sock Features

The velcro strap at the top does a great job at keeping the cold water out of my feet when launching. They also dry fast so I can put them on again the next day without that horrible cold wet boot feeling! Another feature that I really enjoy is how easy it is to get them on, and also to get off when wet, because there is no complicated lacing system. This style of wetsuit fits well over my paddling pants. 

The abrasion resistant sole ensures better adherence on slippery surfaces and also keeps the feet protected from cuts, knocks and bumps. Thanks to their durable sole I know I can count on my wetsuit socks to last for many seasons of water adventures.


The 2mm wetsuit socks are part of Vaikobi’s innovative VCOLD range of paddling clothing for kayaking, Surf Ski, SUP or other types of paddling. The collection is designed BY paddlers FOR paddlers. If you are dedicated to paddle boarding, SUP, kayaking or outrigger canoeing and wish to continue your training no matter the weather, VCOLD 2mm Wetsuit Socks are an essential and awesome addition to your winter kit.

For more inspiration on how to beat winter while paddling, check out Vaikobi’s Vcold Paddling gear collection.

If you are new to kayaking and not sure what to wear for your first paddling session, read here to find all the information you need to get started. 

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