Ultimate Guide to Surfing Accessories

Vaikobi UV surf hat and towel changing robe

Whether you’re heading out to a local beach or planning a surfing safari, it’s worth spending time to organize your surf kit. There are so many knick-knacks out there that make a perfect day at the beach just that bit easier: specially designed to be compact and convenient. Check out the below list for some surfing essentials and great gift ideas for the surfer types in your life. 

#1 Hooded Towel

Number one on your wish list should be a beach towel poncho: they’re not just for kids! A hooded beach towel is a fantastic piece to have in your inventory because they are so versatile. They're super comfortable, soft, and will keep you warm when jumping out of an early morning or late afternoon surf. 

A beach towel hoodie also doubles as a beach-changing robe, providing an easy way to discreetly slip in and out of your wet swimmers or gear in the car park without having everything on display. There's no need for the awkward (and borderline stressful) towel shuffle anymore while passers-by accidentally catch an eye full. Check out the Vaikobi website for more on beach ponchos for adults

#2 Polarized Sunnies 

Protect your eyes with a stylish pair of polarized sunglasses. Vaikobi has four main styles of frames for all face shapes with smoke or amber-coloured lenses, to give you the best-untarnished view of the surf without the glare off the sand. Fasten them on your head with a floating sunglasses retainer. 

#3 Surf Hat or Cap 

Keep the sun off your nose with a surf hat, visor, or performance cap designed to stay on your head while on the water. With water-resistant rip-stop outer fabric, quick-dry qualities, and a super secure strap, having one of these is an asset to your hat collection. 

The Vaikobi hats are designed to be highly visible and are available in fluro orange, fluro yellow, grey, pink, black, white, and navy. 

#4 Surf Leash 

Hold your surf ski, board, or SUP within arm's reach with a Vaikobi ocean paddling calf leash. When surfing in crowded areas, it is vital to keep your vessel in control to prevent injury and long swims back to the beach. When downwind paddling offshore, having your craft within a meter if you experience an unexpected capsize in wind or swell is critical.  

Years of leash failure inspired us to develop a colourful range of 100% reliable 2-piece calf leashes. Tested by paddling athletes in a range of conditions, we know Vaikobi leashes will perform under pressure. Each leash has a 500kg high-load carabiner with a gate hook end that won't unclip. Its swivel end and stainless-steel fitting are entirely corrosion resistant, meaning they are extremely durable and will last the test time and the elements. 

#5 Waterproof phone case 

Having a waterproof phone case on hand is the best method for keeping your electronics safe while on or near the water. The Vaikobi waterproof phone case is made from Tough PVC material with sonic welded seams all-around to make sure your device is not exposed to the elements, including water, sand, and dust. It has a transparent touch screen that will not prevent you from using your phone while it is secure, and a rear window aligns with phone lenses so you can take photos as usual. It is IP68 certified and submersible at one metre for an hour. Choose from fluro yellow, orange, grey, bright blue and fluro pink!

#6 Waterproof Backpack or Paddle Bag 

Following closely on the waterproof bandwagon is a waterproof backpack or paddle bag for your list. Contain all your gear in one convenient carry without the added worry of leakage, splashes, or spray penetrating the cloth. 

#7 Key Box Lock 

Scared you'll forget where you left your keys? Having a key lock box that you can leave attached to your car will solve your problem. With a super secure 4-digit combination locking system and weather and corrosion-resistant qualities, the Vaikobi lock is one of the best value locks on the market. 

#8 Surf Shoes 

Launching into the surf can often bring about less-than-ideal conditions for the feet. A good pair of wetsuit booties are a great addition not only for warmth but also to prevent cuts and scrapes from rocks, oysters, reefs, and the like. 

Want to check out more epic surf accessories? Visit the Vaikobi Website. 

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