The Vaikobi Story


Vaikobi is a brand born in Sydney, Australia and bred on the Oceans around the world.

Vaikobi was established in 2012 by Co-Founders Patrick & Adrienne Langley with a clear mission to increase performance and comfort on the water by creating the world’s most innovative technical apparel for ocean athletes.

Within ocean paddle sport disciplines at that time, it was clear that there had been no clear focus by any one sports apparel brand. Athletes were forced to wear gear which was not specifically designed for their sport.

Vaikobi spends considerable time working with some of the worlds best ocean athletes developing a range of innovative performance apparel with features designed to control body temperature across a range of conditions and environments.


Vaikobi’s launch tag line was to “unleash the athlete within” which was about making all paddlers feel like athletes no matter their level of skill, fitness or ability. This philosophy remains integral to the brand and drives us to constantly evolve our products to new levels of performance.

Vaikobi’s products have received high acclaim from paddlers around the world due to the unique design and fabrication features, which combine to provide an overall product that enhances the athletes’ performance and overall enjoyment on the water.


Today, Vaikobi has become known as a “category creator” having developed what is now known as the performance paddle sport apparel market, making innovative gear for paddle athletes who train for both fitness and racing reasons on the ocean and flat water.

Vaikobi is now sold in 21 countries around the world across a network of specialist retailers who service a range of paddle sport disciplines including Surfski, Outrigger, SUP, Prone, Surf Life Saving, Kayak Racing (Sprint/ Marathon) and Dragon Boat Racing.

The Vaikobi product offering will continue to expand to provide more innovative products for athletes across a range of Ocean and Outdoor sports using our design IP and brand philosophy to further spread the Vaikobi experience to more Ocean Athletes around the world.

Vaikobi works closely with a large international team of Athletes who make up the Vaikobi Race Team (the V Team!).  The V Team is made up of International and National champions across a range of paddle disciplines, who spend most of their waking hours on the water each day and who test and provide feedback on our gear so that we can constantly improve our products.