Name: Daniel Sánchez Viloria 

Born: in Asturias 11/01/1980

Living: Ibiza island since 2008.

Daniel has had a brilliant career in paddle racing. Early on he was actively training and competing in marathon and sprint kayaking but is now focussed on training and racing surfski's around the world!

Recent results:

-1° World Cup ICF-Ohana Mana Cup(Sardinia-Italy)septembre.

-10° World Cup ICF-Duch Coast race (Holland)October. 

-14° World Cup ICF-Breith Océan Race (France).

-final World Ranking 16°.

-3° European Championships  (2014-portugal).

-Champion of Spain in ss1(one time) and ss2(6 times).

-First World Cup ICF Sardinia (2015).

-5° in USA champs  (SAN Francisco).


Like most of the top paddlers, Daniel travels a lot for his sport, including to Guadalupe, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Europe (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Holland) and Australia!