Bruckner Chase (USA)

Bruckner Chase is a professional endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose 2010 28- mile swim across Monterey Bay launched both the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own career committed to moving others from awareness to personal, sustainable action that benefits our oceans and our communities. His personal and corporate mission is: To positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans.

Bruckner’s athletic career spans the most challenging events on water and land. He competed as a professional triathlete, and he is still amongst the leaders in every endurance sport he takes on. On the water Bruckner has completed multiple ultra-distance swims and paddles in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: a record setting no wetsuit swim in Alaska, a 22-mile swim of Lake Tahoe and historic first swims between the islands of American Samoa. Bruckner competes in professional lifeguard races that include multiple aquatic disciplines, and he recently became only the fifth American in history to compete in the Coolangatta Gold Surf Iron Man in Australia.

Bruckner is working to expand their programs providing surf life saving sports training for underserved youth, developing their next documentary film project and sharing his own Blue Journey story connected to our oceans.