Ana Swetish














Name: Ana Swetish

DOB: 2-21-2002

Home: Bellingham, WA

Favorite Vaikobi gear:

  • V Cold Flex Paddle Pants - average water temp around here is about 6 degrees celcius - need I say more?
  • V3 Ocean Racing PFD - low profile, super comfortable and highly visible - I honestly have been known to forget to take it off, long after I get off the water.

Weapon of Choice: Fenn Spark, purchased when I was 13 years old with the babysitting money I had saved up.

At 16 years old, Ana is the youngest member of the Vaikobi team.  But what she lacks in age, she more than makes up for with a genuinely infectious stoke for paddling.  Raised in the Pacific Northwest paddling mecca of Bellingham, Ana has quickly amassed a solid rough water skillset as well as a formidable flatwater resume.

Ana had her break out event at the 2018 Gorge Downwind Champs.  In conditions that had even the most seasoned paddlers second guessing themselves, Ana earned her first international podium with a third place finish.  She’s hoping to carry on that momentum this next year as she balances an international racing schedule and her high school class schedule.