The Ultimate Guide to Dry Bags and Dry Backpacks for watersports

The Ultimate Guide to Dry Bags and Dry Backpacks for watersports

With so many sizes, styles, and options out there, navigating the dry bag and dry backpack market can be difficult. For instance, what size dry bag is suitable for kayaking as opposed to yachting? How much space should you have if you are planning an overnight trip? Are shoulder straps necessary on a dry bag? Vaikobi's chief reporter, Sarah Imlay investigates:

Firstly, what is a dry bag? 

A waterproof dry bag is designed to protect contents from water damage, where the user is exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. They are commonly used for water sports and activities where exposure to spray, swell, and splashes are likely while carrying valuables that can’t get wet.  

Do dry bags have carry straps?

Comfort is a crucial consideration when investing in a dry bag. Padded shoulder straps will make carrying the dry bag comfortable regardless of whether the participant is engaging in vigorous movement or a paddling motion.

Vaikobi has recently developed the ultimate dry backpack. The new dry bag format provides a more spacious compartment to accommodate larger key items while adventuring, sailing, and kayaking away from home. The Vaikobi dry backpack is the best dry bag for canoeing due to its 25L storage space and waterproof guarantee. With large mesh side pockets, water bottles and wetsuit boots that can afford to be exposed are easily accessible during intense sessions. There is also a smaller separate waterproof pocket to hold smaller critical items on the back of the bag and a reflective print for increased visibility in adverse weather. 

Vaikobi Dry Backpack

How to seal a dry bag

A dry backpack only works as well as its seal, so knowing how to close a dry bag properly will ensure its best performance. The Vaikobi dry backpack (and most dry bags) use a roll-top closure system. Essentially, the bag is rolled / folded tightly from the top down, creating a strong seal against water droplets. While rolling, press down on the bag to remove excess air from the top. For the driest seal, roll the top seam over at least three times. A clip is normally used to secure the seal from unrolling and potentially exposing valuables to water. 


Can dry bags be submerged?

Yes, dry bags can be submerged for short periods of time. However, a dry bag is only ever as good as its seal. The Vaikobi Dry backpack has a 100% waterproof seal even when submerged under water during kayaking and adventuring sessions. It is also made from extremely durable material that can withstand even the biggest dunkings, bumps and mishaps while hurtling along through rapids. 

With a sleek charcoal, grey and reflective profile; this durable dry bag will satisfy your inner minimalist, and makes the perfect gift. 

You should always check your dry bag before placing valuables at risk of water exposure. Check for signs of abrasion, tears and general wear each time you use your dry bag. A test after purchase can be conducted at home by submerging your dry bag in a bucket or bathtub before placing valuables inside it. 

For all the gear to prepare for your next adventure, locate your nearest Vaikobi stockist here, or shop on the Vaikobi website.

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