Seasonal Surfing - What to Wear When Surfing Year Round

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Surfing is a hobby, pastime and pro sport that's loved by millions worldwide, and while the feeling of catching a wave never gets old, the weather and water conditions can totally throw you depending on where you're surfing. Beyond the surfboard, it’s critical to have the right clothing for the season and climate to stay comfortable and perform at your best. In this blog, we will cover what to wear when surfing year-round, including the different types of wetsuits, rash vests, and accessories you might need for surfing in different seasons.

Cold Water Surfing - Wetsuit Essentials

If you’re surfing in colder climates, a wetsuit is essential for staying warm. Wetsuits hug your skin with a thin layer of water that your body heats to create a toasty insulation. For cold water surfing, you’ll need a full-length wetsuit, often called a “steamer,” made from thick neoprene. A good quality wetsuit will have sealed seams to prevent water from entering, and will fit snugly to prevent water from flushing through the suit. Vaikobi has you covered with front zip and back zip high-quality wetsuits. Click here to explore our surfing wetsuit collection and find the perfect suit for your surfing needs!

What to Wear Under Your Wetsuit

Underneath your wetsuit, rashies (UV spandex rash shirts) can help prevent chafing, while microfleece thermal tops add extra warmth and insulation. It’s important to avoid cotton fabric as it doesn’t insulate when wet, and can make you colder. Vaikobi uses state-of-the-art fabrications such as hydrofleece and airprene, which wick moisture away from the skin, and use hollow yarn so they add warmth without adding weight or bulk. Check out Vaikobi’s range of thermal surfing tops and start gearing up for your next chilly adventure!

Warm Water Surfing - UV Protection and Rash Vests

If you’re surfing in warmer water, you’ll need less insulation but still want to protect your skin from the sun and avoid rashes from the board and saltwater. UV protective clothes such as rashies are a good choice, providing full arm sun protection and preventing chafing on the chest and belly. You can pair it with board shorts or swimwear bottoms.

Warm Water Surf Booties

In some warmer water conditions, the ocean floor can be sharp or rocky, so warm water surf booties can be a great option to protect your feet and provide grip on your board. Vaikobi’s range of sailing boots and water shoes includes a neoprene sock with a durable sole, offering sole protection and some warmth if you need it.

Accessories for Surfing

Don’t forget about the little things that make a big difference to your surf trips, such as sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun on the water. Vaikobi’s range of polarised sunglasses is perfect for surfers, with lightweight frames and lenses that reduce glare and enhance visibility.

Shop by Sport at Vaikobi

At Vaikobi, we understand the importance of having the right gear for the conditions. Our Surf range has been designed for surfers by surfers, so you can shop by sport from our homepage to find gear that’s great for the surf. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we have the gear you need to stay comfortable, safe and stylish on the water.

To sum it all up..

Surfing year-round can be an exhilarating experience if you have the right gear for the conditions. Cold water surfing requires a wetsuit, warm water surfing requires UV protection and rash vests, and warm water surf booties can be a great addition to protect your feet. Visit Vaikobi’s Surf range to find the gear that’s great for the surf and enjoy your time in the water, no matter the season.

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