Polarized Sunglasses - A beginner’s guide to UV protective Eyewear

Vaikobi Polarized Sunglasses on Beach

Protecting your eyes from Ultraviolet rays is one of the best ways to maintain your vision and eye health long term. This is particularly crucial for people participating in watersports, as they have a heightened exposure to UV rays due to the water’s reflection, where sunlight bounces up off the water into the face. Polarized sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes during Summer due to their glare-blocking qualities. 

Vaikobi’s active eyewear range recognises this issue with a clear mission: we’ll deliver the highest protection available to enhance your vision and experience out on the water. 

So, what are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are designed to block bright, damaging light that reflects off shiny or wet surfaces (better known as glare) when next to the water. They do this by absorbing and blocking horizontal light rays while still allowing vertical beams through the lens, similar to a Venetian blind. The polarized layer can take the form of a chemical film or can be embedded within the layers, using lens technology. Vaikobi uses a multilayer lens throughout the VIZE+ polarized eyewear range.

Are polarized sunglasses better than non-polarized ones?

Yes! Polarized sunglasses reduce the intensity of glare that can cause discomfort and eye strain and work to clarify vision. They’re great for driving (where the stakes are high) and provide better eye comfort in bright conditions such as the ski slopes or the beach. Polarized lenses enhance colours for more vibrancy and contrast in outdoor areas, improving the overall wearer experience. They are vital for ocean enthusiasts and watersport athletes who are more likely to encounter glare that could reduce performance and vision. Picking gusts, sets, and wind shifts become a much easier task for sailors and paddlers. 

What is UVA and UVB protection? 

Vaikobi’s eyewear collection uses both UVA and UVB protection to block harmful ultraviolet rays from getting to the retina of the eyes. UV protection sunglasses are the only way to fully defend the eye against the wrath of the Sun. This protection is provided through a multilayered Tri-Acetate Cellulose or “TAC” lens technology, designed to block sun rays and glare while including all functional layers and

benefits in one package. Vaikobi’s eyewear range is made for watersport athletes by watersport athletes - with an ultra-low 12% light transmission compared to an average 15% light transmission in fashion frames. Direct collaboration with industry professionals and high-end suppliers has certified the manufacture of each product in the Vaikobi eyewear range to peak international standards.


Vaikobi Watersports Sunnies Styles 

The VIZE+ collection includes several frames for different face shapes, with technological features designed to enhance performance for activity in certain sports. 



Lightweight structure and comfort to fuller faces

Molokai Vaikobi Sunglasses

Hydrophobic coating for on water use

Translucent polycarbonate frame matte highlights

The large size D shape frame brings structure and comfort to fuller faces

Optimally sized for medium to large faces

Available with smoke or amber coloured lenses 


Full-wrap style features for full coverage 

Vaikobi Garda Sunglasses Brown

Oversized lens for coverage and rubber arms inlays

Translucent polycarbonate frame matte highlights

Active wrap with large lens area and contoured to sit close to your face

Minimal light entry from around the face round lens with wrap-around coverage

Available with smoke or amber coloured lenses 


Full-wrap style features for full coverage 

Vaikobi Viento Sunglasses

Elements of the iconic wayfarer style

Polycarbonate frame with matte, gloss, and rubber details
Optimally sized for medium to smaller faces

Rubber mould inlays on the arms provide extra grip when out on the water

Available with smoke or amber coloured lenses


Sleek sports style full-frame wrap around

Vaikobi Sorrento Orange

Functional metalized coating provides additional contrast and clarity out on the water

Lightweight floating frame

Active wrap with smaller size lens area and contoured to sit close to your face
Straight back arms

Available with cyan or orange lens coating 


Vaikobi Sunglasses Frames: 

The ‘Molokai’ and ‘Viento’ frames sit more openly on the face and mimic the style of a more traditional fashion frame. The wraparound style, featured in the ‘Sorrento’ and ‘Garda’ frames, is popular among paddlers and sailors as they block out further light, wind, and weather. 

Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone in Vaikobi’s active eyewear range. Head to our eyewear collection page for more. 


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