Picking Out the Best Protective Beach Gear for Your Child

March 09, 2022

Picking Out the Best Protective Beach Gear for Your Child

Looking after your skin in Summer is vital for a long and healthy life, and good sun safety starts early. Quality sun-safe gear is increasingly hard to find, particularly for growing kids and teens, which is precisely why Vaikobi has released our very own youth collection. Vaikobi’s Youth Collection of performance gear uses the same technology as our core range, but with the ergonomic cut and sizing that kids aged 9 - 14 need to have fun (and look cool!).

We know how important it is for parents to have practical, affordable, and comfortable clothing choices to protect their kids. Whether you’re heading to the beach or going boating, here are all the essentials:

Kids Rashies

The Youth Rash top is super lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and dries quickly to maintain wearer comfort while traveling between the sand and the water. Flatlock stitching ensures a soft feel so that your kids won’t even notice they’re wearing it while going about their beach fun. It also has 50+ UV protection to block harmful sun rays from young skin, providing a 100% protective barrier that doesn’t wash off like sunscreen. 

Our rashies are easy to put on and get off and don’t restrict the neck, which means less complaining of discomfort to parents!. They’re also highly durable, and can be easily cared for with a freshwater rinse. For high visibility near the water’s edge, choose either the orange or white colourway. They are also available in cyan and navy. 

Sun safe hats for kids

Vaikobi has just released a youth flat brim cap with flow-through mesh to let the head breathe on hot beach days. They are super lightweight and made from quick-dry material for comfort. Our kids’ hats have a shorter snap-back fastening making them ideal for smaller sizes (<58cm). They are available in aqua and black. 

Wetsuits for kids 

Why does a kid need to wear a wetsuit?

In cooler water temperatures, kids swimming wetsuits are essential to make the most out of a day on the water. The Vaikobi FlexForce long john wetsuit for kids is designed to protect and perform both in and off the water, and is a warmer alternative to the traditional rashie. It is a diverse wetsuit that is great for the beach and other watersports that your child might enjoy, such as sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, and kayaking. The VCold Hydroflex and Youth Flexforce 1.5mm tops are also great alternatives to mix and match, as well as providing easy exit and entry. Our FlexForce wetsuit pants also use high-quality neoprene, with a quick-dry plush fleece lining for extra warmth. All of our wetsuit designs are designed to breathe and move with the body to regulate average body temperature. 

Sizing: How tight should a kids wetsuit be?

Your child’s wetsuit should be comfortable and snug enough to keep the water out at critical openings, and avoid water ballooning upon exiting the water. Check the tightness of the material at the wrists, neck, and ankles to prevent flushes of cold water from entering the wetsuit. It should also be comfortable to wear and shouldn’t restrict movement. If you’re unsure, check out the Vaikobi sizing guide for more information on kids wetsuits. 

Kids Life jackets

Heading out in a boat? Children’s life jackets need to be appropriately sized and fitted for safety and comfort. Vaikobi PFD life jackets are designed for smaller torsos, and are adjustable for a nice snug fit. The Vaikobi Kids PFD is a child life vest designed for kids aged 4-10 and has a crotch strap on the size 6 to ensure it doesn’t slip above the ears when in the water. The PFD has adjustable shoulder and side straps for maximum versatility, with padded shoulders for extra comfort. It is certified to AS 4758, which is the Australian Standard Level 50, for maximum safety. Our kids’ PFD is fluro yellow and black for high visibility, to make keeping track of your child easy. 

Similarly, our VX youth life jackets are suitably sized for slightly older kids and teens with adjustable side straps and VX print grip detail on the inner panel to prevent riding up. They have a low profile and minimalistic design which makes them perfect for competitive sailing or active watersports. Our youth VX PFDs are available in red, cyan, and black, with low scooped neck and arm openings for maximum movement. Both designs are super soft and form-fitting. 

Head over to the youth collection page or chat with us via the Vaikobi website for more details on our kids’ products.

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XXS   161 167  54 58 76 81 62 66 78 82
XS   165 172  56 63 82 87 66 70 82 89
S   169  176  61 68 88 96 71 76 90 96
M   174 181  66 73 97 104 77 85 97 102
L   178  185  76 85 106 114 86 95 103 108
XL   183  190  86 95 116 122 96 105 109 115
XXL   187  194  96 105 124 132 106 114 116 122


Size HEIGHT (Feet + Inches) WEIGHT (Pounds) CHEST (Inches) WAIST (Inches) HIPS (Inches)
XXS   5'3"  5'6"  119 128 30 32 24.5 26 30.5 32.5
XS   5'5"  5'8"  123 139 32 34.5 26 27.5 32.5 35
S   5'7"  5'9"  135 150 34.5 38 28 30 35.5 38
M   5'9"  5'11"  146 161 38 41 30 33.5 38 40
L 5'10"  6'8"  168 187 41.5 45 34 37.5 40.5 42.5
XL 6'  6'3"  190 209 45.5 48 38 41.5 43 45.5
XXL 6'2"  6'4"  121 232 49 52 41.5 55 45.5 48




Y-S 132 139 30 34 60 65 56 61 68 72
Y-M 140 148  33 39 65 71 61 68 72 78
Y-L 147 155  40 47 70 76 67 73 77 84
Y-XL 152 162 47 54 75 82 72 79 83 89







    HIPS     (IN)
Y-S 4'3" 4'8" 66 75 24 26 24 26 27 28


4'8"  73 86 26 28 26 28 28 31


5'  88 104 28 30 28 30 30 33
Y-XL 5' 5'4" 104 119 30 32 30 32 33 35

Fit Tips

If one of your body measurements is in between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If your body measurements for hips and waist correspond to two different suggested sizes, order the one indicated by your hip measurement.

How To Measure

WAIST: Measure around the narrowest part (typically where your body bends side to side), keeping the tape horizontal.
HIPS: Measure around the widest part of your hips, keeping the tape horizontal.
CHEST: Measure the fullest area of your chest. Stand up straight and breath normally.



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