Have Keys When Surfing, Paddling or Kayaking? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Vaikobi where to store your keys when paddling or surfing

If you're a watersports nut like us, in the haste to get into the water, we can forget that some things are just not meant to get wet... like car keys...

Ever returned to shore after a few hours on the water, only to find your set of soggy, non-functional car keys have not survived the zip lock bag, jacket pocket or container you thought would do the trick? Or what about the constant dread that your keys will be taken by a dog (or its owner) from under your sandy beach towel? The risk of losing keys when surfing, paddling or kayaking is real. So here's everything you need to know about keeping your car keys safe and dry: 

Surfers and kayakers have unanimously voted that the best place to put your car keys when surfing or paddling is inside a Key lock box for surfing, paddling and beach use.

The popularity of the surf lock box has taken the market by storm in the last five years or so, but it’s hard to gauge which option is the safest and of the best value for you. Whether you’re surfing, paddling, or kayaking, Vaikobi stocks a large key lock box for your car keys that is affordable, durable, and guaranteed to keep your valuables safe until you return to shore.

The Vaikobi key lock box is specially designed for your car with a soft foam back to prevent rubbing, wear, and tear against vehicle surfaces when in use. The best place to store your key lock box is to have it freely hanging or low on the car to reduce rubbing and visibility to thieves. Most people attach it to their car’s tow ball.

Vaikobi Key Lock Box


The security of the Vaikobi lock has been tried, tested and is an enormously reliable piece of hardware that is virtually impossible to open for thieves. With programmable combination technology, there are over 10,000 different pins for users to choose from. With electronic keys and automation evolving, we’ve evolved too. The Vaikobi difference is the inclusion of a proximity key blocker bag lining the inside of our device. This lining protects your key fob by making it impossible for a relay box to detect its electromagnetic signals, again reducing the chances of car theft. 

Vaikobi Key Lock Box



Our key lock has been enhanced with a strong metal case and hardened steel shackle, complete with a soft plastic coating for durability. They also come equipped with a rubber weather cover to prevent water leakage and damage to internal goods if subjected to rain, grit, and harsh sun. Saltwater and coastal air can also be hugely damaging to hardware. Luckily, our enhanced corrosion-resistant components will also prevent the device from jamming to provide long-lasting security and consistent ease of use over time. 


The key lock box is large enough to store key rings and proximity keys that need storing while the owner is absent. This means you don’t need to separate your keys to fit them inside! The box has a large internal key space of (L) 6cm X (W) 5.5cm X (H)2cm. 

 Vaikobi Key Lock Box for surfing


When you consider the headache and cost to replace a car's smart key and catch a taxi home, a key lock box is very well priced car key insurance, at just $70.00 AUD.

It's a great addition for a more secure day on the water and makes an excellent Christmas gift for the surfers, sailors, and paddlers in your life. 


Look for the following features in your next portable key safe box: 

  • Durable hardware and waterproof covering 
  • Four-digit (or more) combination
  • Key blocker bag, or aluminium lining
  • Foam back (to avoid damage to car or vehicle surfaces)
  • Corrosion-resistant technology 
  • Large internal compartment

Train and play in peace, knowing that your valuables will be safe and easily located on dry land. 

For more on the best car key lock box for surfing, paddling, and kayaking, visit the Vaikobi website. 

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