Vaikobi has launched a 2-Piece Surf Ski Leash

Vaikobi has launched a 2-Piece Surf Ski Leash

For many years, ocean paddlers around the world have asked Vaikobi to develop a reliable calf leash. With many leashes on the market all very similar in design, the Vaikobi design team decided to do some serious research into the issues that have given the “two piece” leash such a rough name among ocean paddlers.

One of these issues was that the clip would involuntarily unclipped itself from the calf leash through the motion of paddling, often without the paddler even knowing. When paddlers fell off their craft, they were left in the dangerous position of becoming separated from their craft.

Years of leash-fails inspired the Vaikobi design team to develop a 100% reliable, easy to use, 2-piece surf ski leash, which is available to purchase at Vaikobi stockists or at

Tested by paddling athletes in a range of conditions; Vaikobi’s new surf ski leash is set to change the game for ocean paddlers who demand reliable, safe and comfortable equipment.

The top features of the Vaikobi surf ski calf leash

  • High quality PU German-made coil that can stretch to five times its length. This ensures the leash stays out of the way while paddling, and only stretches out if the paddler gets separated from their ski. While some surf ski leashes can twist up, the Vaikobi coil leash has been designed with a swivel at both ends, which stops twists.
  • A patent-pending Vaikobi stainless steel carabiner clip that is load rated up to 500kg with a gate and hook end to prevent accidental release.
  • A fabric-lined calf strap that’s strong and comfortable to wear for long paddling sessions.
  • A smooth inner tube, with snug fit on the calf strap, to make it quick to visually locate the attachment point, and ensures the clip hook glides in and out with one easy action.
  • A strong fluro orange rope cord that loops back on itself to create a reliable fixture point to the craft, normally in the cockpit area.
  • High vis fluro orange grab-tab for quick release of the leash from calf.

Why Vaikobi have launched a 2-piece leash

“Most paddlers agree that a 2-piece design is the easiest kind of surf leash to clip on and off.” says Vaikobi product designer and self-confessed ocean addict Bart Milczarczyk. “This is because you can set up your calf strap perfectly on shore, then once you’re on the water and holding your paddle in one hand, you can easily clip on with just one hand.”

There have been a number of instances where paddlers have accidentally disconnected their 2-piece leash when the clip wriggles its way off the metal ring that is connected to the leash. There has been an inherent problem with the ring and hook system used in this design.

Vaikobi has taken this problem and worked hard to solve it, with a clip system that stays attached to the leash 100% of the time. The Vaikobi 2-piece clip system leverages the strength of a 500kg high-load stainless clip, with the added functionality of a gate-end that will not unclip, no matter the level of leg movement or interference.

How to purchase a Vaikobi surf ski leash

The new Vaikobi 2 piece surf ski leash is available throughout the global Vaikobi Dealer network, and at

“We’re really excited about the Vaikobi 2-piece surf ski leash, and we know it’s going to become one of the most important parts of our customers’ paddling equipment.” ends Pat Langley.


Vaikobi surf ski leash

Want to know how to set up a surf ski calf leash with your kayak or ocean ski? Check out this 2 minute video by Vaikobi.


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