How to Trim your Vaikobi wetsuit

How to Trim your Vaikobi wetsuit

The article below is a step by step guide to help you trim your Vaikobi FlexForce wetsuit to the ideal leg length for you. Scroll to the bottom of this article to download the 6 step guide.


Try your wetsuit on and stand up straight. Determine how much you want to remove. Be conservative, because once it’s too short, you can’t go back!

Trim wetsuit step 1


Use marker to draw a line around the ankle to indicate where you will cut. Do not cut into the bright coloured bar-tack stitch, as this is needed for reinforcement.

Step 2 Trim Wetusuit


Pinch a small area of neoprene along the line you have drawn. Make a small (10mm) cut into the fabric. This will be the start and end point of your cut.

Step 3 Trim Wetsuit


Insert one end of the scissors 3-4cm into the small cut hole and begin to cut. Longer cuts are better than many short cuts, to avoid a messy jagged edge.

Step 4 Trim your wetsuit


Continue to cut along the line you have drawn, until you end up at the same point you started. Smooth out any jagged edges. Repeat steps 2 - 5 on the other leg.

Step 5 Trim your wetsuit


To finish your wetsuit off like a pro; run a flame along the cut edge (inner and outer fabric) to seal the fabric and melt the grey thread. The threads will melt and stick together.

Step 4 Trim your wetsuit


Download the 6 step guide here: CLICK HERE



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