How to find the Best Key Safe for Outdoor Enthusiasts

How to find the Best Key Safe for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Surfing, paddling and sailing are ideal outdoor sports when you want to completely disconnect from the hustle of daily life - because they literally force you to unplug and leave all your devices on shore! But how do you ease the anxiety and inconvenience of having to leave your keys on land? 

The most common thing we all do is tuck our keys under the car wheel hub or bumper and hope that no one is likely to find them. It’s one of the oldest tricks that has become widely known across all watersports social groups and leaves you at the mercy of goodwill and poor eyesight. 

Surf companies have come together to solve this problem, protect your peace of mind, and help you make the most out of your time on the waves: the invention of the humble car key lock box. 

What is a car key lock box?

A car key lock box, or key safe, is an increasingly popular gadget used to secure your keys on land until you return from the water. They are little portable boxes that store your keys internally, which can then be locked using a combination of your choosing. This piece of hardware usually attaches to your tow bar or door handle – kind of like a bike lock that doesn’t leave your vehicle. They are available in various sizes and styles. 

How to hide car keys while surfing or on the water 

Hiding your car keys shouldn’t require the time and effort of looking around stealthily and hoping no one in the car park sees you do the ‘old sneaky’ next to your wheel hub. Time is of the essence, especially when the waves are good and you are itching to get out there before the sun goes. 

While slightly more inconspicuous, leaving them wrapped in a towel or tucked into the crevice of a rockface is less than ideal and exposes them to the weather. 

Similarly, digging a hole in the sand and burying them in a bag is a solid ‘nope.’ If you forget or someone unknowingly moves your surface marker, your subterranean goods can become incredibly difficult to find, leaving you stranded at the sea’s edge. 

Instead, hiding them in plain sight in a security box for car keys is the best way to deter thieves.

Where to buy a car key lock box

All surf retailers will have security boxes for car keys of varying quality, sizes, and security levels. Get the best value for money by comparing your options. 

The Vaikobi Key Lock Box is specially designed for the water athlete, with an ultra-secure four-digit locking system with over 10,000 programmable combinations. It is made from a strong metal case with a hardened steel shackle with a soft coating for the best durability. It also has a foam backing to prevent friction between the lock and your car door handle and remove the chance of damage. Vaikobi hardware is built with the expectation of exposure to salty air and therefore has enhanced corrosion-resistance elements and a weather protection cover to protect electronic valuables. This design is also large enough for your key rings at (L) 6cm X (W) 5.5cm X (H)2cm, meaning you don’t have to take your keys apart for secure storage. 

It also has an added layer of protection with a proximity key blocker bag, which prevents thieves from intercepting the electronic signals emitted from modern key fobs, decreasing the risk of a break-in. 

Safely lock your car keys with Vaikobi, and don’t waste a second longer - it’s time to get out in the surf. 

The Vaikobi key lock is available under the accessories section of our website. 


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