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New Partnership to establish Vaikobi South Africa!

July 31, 2018

We are so stoked to finally announce a new partnership between Vaikobi International and World Surfski Champion, Hayley Nixon with the establishment of Vaikobi South Africa!

For a long time, South African paddlers have been only able to access Vaikobi gear whenever they travel abroad. Despite the challenges in accessing Vaikobi gear, South African paddlers have embraced Vaikobi's range of performance paddling gear and accessories.

Today, we are pleased to announce that through a new partnership with  Vaikobi Race Team member and World Surfski Champion Hayley Nixon, Vaikobi is now available for purchase in South Africa and ready to ship locally to you.

CEO and Co-Founder of Vaikobi, Pat Langley commented, "We have got to know Hayley personally over the past 18 months when she joined the Vaikobi Race Team. Over this period we have been absolutely impressed with Hayley's professionalism, character and humility and we are just so pleased to be able to work with her to create Vaikobi South Africa. With the paddling scene so strong in SA, we have been eager to be able to make Vaikobi Gear more readily available for SA Paddlers, so we are now excited to be finally putting the plan in place!"

Hayley Nixon, Vaikobi South Africa, is also thrilled to commence this partnership: "From the moment I was introduced to Pat, Adrienne and the Team at Vaikobi, I was amazed at their ability to consistently design and develop such innovative gear, designed specifically for what we do. From joining the Vaikobi Race Team of Athletes, to now having the opportunity establish Vaikobi South Africa is absolutely fantastic and I am stoked to be able to begin this journey with the Vaikobi Team.", 

She added, "It is just great that we can now make Vaikobi gear more readily available here for South African Paddlers".

Customers will be able to order direct from the Vaikobi Website, with only local shipping costs charged. Alternatively, Hayley can be contacted at Hayley will no doubt be at a race near you at some point soon!

Please visit to learn more about Vaikobi and our innovative range of gear and accessories.


Chest (Centimeters)   82cm -87cm  89cm-95cm 97cm-102cm 107cm-112cm 117cm-122cm 127cm-132cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    66cm - 70cm  71cm - 76cm 77cm - 85cm 86cm - 95cm  96cm - 105cm 106cm - 114cm


Bust (Centimeters)   78cm -84cm  85cm-90cm 91cm-97cm 98cm-103cm 104cm-109cm 110cm-116cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    58cm - 69cm  64cm - 70cm 71cm - 76cm 77cm - 83cm  84cm - 90cm 91cm - 97cm
Hips (Centimeters)    82cm - 90cm  90cm - 96cm 97cm - 102cm 103cm - 108cm  109cm - 115cm 116cm - 122cm