Vaikobi cold weather gear guide

Vaikobi cold weather gear guide

What should you wear when it cools down?

Choosing what to wear when on the water in the cooler months is a finely balanced exercise. Wear too little and you are too cold and underperform accordingly.

Wearing too much gear results in overheating and likewise your performance is hindered again. So, we've developed this handy cold weather layering guide for all our VCOLD gear!

At Vaikobi we work hard to produce gear that works with your body to maintain body temperature at the optimum level for peak performance. We also design our gear to feel as minimal and light as possible to not restrict your movement.

We have put together the attached Vaikobi Cold Weather gear guide to help you decide the optimum combination of gear for each weather condition.

Remember the temperature is reflecting the apparent air temperature which takes into account wind and humidity. 

As always, if you need advice on any item in the Vaikobi range, contact the team at


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