Make your Dad #1 this Father's Day with a gift from Vaikobi Ocean Performance!


Make your Dad Number 1 this Father's Day with a gift from Vaikobi Ocean Performance!

Vaikobi Ocean Performance Gear is designed and engineered to make your Dad increase his comfort and performance on the water.

Vaikobi gear also has the added effect of making your Dad even cooler than he already is!

Select from our range of VCold (Gear for Cool to Cold conditions) and VOcean (Gear for Warm to Hot conditions) tops and bottoms, designed to control body temperature for maximum performance.

Vaikobi also has full line up of our hugely popular Performance PFD's designed to keep your Dad fast and safe on the Ocean and is available through your local Vaikobi Stockist in Australia and NZ as well as online through

Still undecided on what to get him, have no fear as there are more options available for you:

1) Get him a Vaikobi hat. Dad's always dig hats!

2) Purchase a Vaikobi Gift Voucher available in a number of values and let him select his gift later on.

If you are still struggling, then have no fear as you can Email our Fathers Day Emergency Help Line at for specific advice and we will help you work out the best gift for him.

Happy Fathers Day to all the cool Vaikobi Dads out there!



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