VOcean Performance UV Paddle Pant Review by SUP California

Cool review on the Vaikobi UV Paddle Pant by SUP California.

Full review can be viewed at: http://www.suplifeca.com

Vaikobi Pants

A comfortable pair of pants that will protect you from the elements?

Vaikobi’s VOCEAN performance pants that will help control your overall body temperature durning your paddle session. I have been wearing these pants for the past couple months now on warmer days and will say they provide me with maximum comfort and keeps me protected. Durning my SUP sessions I can feel them improving the circulation in my legs which is a key feature when standing for hours on your board. This will help with increasing performance for your SUP session or during a race. One other key feature with these pants is they never heat up durning those warmer days on the water.

Keeps you warm and cool when you need it

You might think so when it is in the upper 70’s and wearing pants that you would get hot. Not with these pants I have worn them middle of the day in the open ocean sun beating down and they kept me cool and staying comfortable. They keep you protected from the UV rays which everyone who paddles should keep in mind. I have gotten these pants wet several times when jumping into the water and they do dry up fast and not leaving you feeling cold and wet. Most other pants on the market do not do this as they claim they do. Overall these pants are a must have for any and all paddlers who want to stay protected from the sun and also stay dry.

More information on these pants at: www.vaikobi.com

Key Features:

• Super Light and Breathable V Ocean Spandex Polyester hybrid fabric for high performance in the Ocean.

• Vaikobi 1mm seamless airprene seat pad for extra comfort

• UV 50+ Sun Protection

• Waist tie to allow it to be worn across multiple paddle disciplines

• Standard Vaikobi design for extra comfort and minimal chafe whilst paddling

• Keep your body cool on warmer days

• Antibacterial properties

• Minimal water absorption

• Comfortable & Functional full range of movement

• Unisex design

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