What is the Vaikobi Difference?

Before Vaikobi was born, performance paddlers had to make compromises with what they wore on the water. They often opted to wear less clothing to ensure they did not overheat, but suffered when conditions changed on the water. Alternatively in colder conditions, they also wore gear which made them too hot and ultimately meant they were over heating leading to dehydration and fatigue. 

The other main problem was that all the gear that everyone was wearing was designed for other sports (sailing, surfing, running, cycling, etc) and were not able to cope with the specific body movements, often leading to uncomfortable chafing and sores developing.

Ultimately, the limited options available for paddlers were impacting performance and enjoyment whilst training and racing.

Enter Vaikobi.

Vaikobi is a company who is committed to making innovative performance clothing for the ocean athlete. With the problem being observed in the paddle sport market, Vaikobi chose to begin with an innovative range of performance clothing for paddlers- (Surfski, SUP, Kayak and OC)

Working with some of the worlds best paddlers, Vaikobi set about designing the best performing range of gear using innovative designs and the latest fabrications.

All of the Vaikobi range uses the latest in fabric technology to ensure that your body will be able to stay at the required temperature level for maximum performance no matter if you are wet or dry.


Over the past twelve months, the Vaikobi V Cold Range has taken the paddling world by storm with the hugely popular V Cold Pant winning praise from paddlers for its comfort. Combined with the recently released V Cold Performance Base Layer Top or the V Cold Short Sleeve Hydrofleece Top with Warm Up Sleeves, you are ready to keep paddling whilst your competitors stay in bed under the blanket!

The V Cold Range is designed to keep you warm when the apparent air temperature is 0-10 degrees Celsius, but will also not allow you to over heat when the air temperature warms up the to the high teens. Vaikobi achieves this through the use of an innovative fabric technology and design which traps the body warmth when required, but also allows heat to escape as your body reaches its optimum temperature.

The Vaikobi V Heat Range is hugely popular in the warmer months for paddlers who are looking for gear which is light and cool and has the ability to protect your body from the harsh sun

The V Heat Paddling Short is our most popular item in the V Heat range and comes in both Mens and Womens with strategically positioned padding that allows the heat to escape. WIth a fit and cut to ensure ease of movement whilst paddling, the V Heat short will keep you charging all Summer.

The V Heat range of Paddling tops use a fast drying, non absorbing performance fabric and has ventilation panels under arms and side designed in a way to eliminate chaffing. With a SPF 50+ rating, the V Heat gear will protect you from the sun.

So if you paddle a Ski, SUP, Kayak or OC and have not discovered the Vaikobi difference yet, then head on down to your local Vaikobi stockist to get fitted out with gear that will make you perform better whist racing and training. There is a Vaikobi expert in each store who will be able to recommend the right gear for you.

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