NZ's Biggest Race- King of the Harbour- Saturday March 29th

March 24, 2014

With less than a week to New Zealand's biggest race, King of the Harbour, all eyes are on the all important weather forecast to see what conditions competitors will face on Saturday March 29th.

The 24km course will be decided on race day depending on wind conditions and will be either Auckland- Waiheke Island or reverse. Present forecasts indicate light South Westerlies with a fairly benign sea state, however we all know that this can change and we are all hoping to enjoy some great downwind runs!

In the strong Surf Ski Division, defending champion Ben Fouhy will enjoy a strong challenge to his title in the shape of South African Dawid Mocke who will be aiming to make sure he doesn't leave New Zealand empty handed. Other challengers include Mike Walker, Marty McDowell, Travis Mitchell, Simon Longdill, Tim Grammer, Oskar Stielau and Garth Spencer amongst the expected 70 competitors from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Taihiti.

In the Womens, Ex Kiwi now Aussie, Tracy Wilson will be looking to challenge last years winner Rachel Clarke for the "Queen of the Harbour Title", whist in the Double's, Brothers Max and Elliott Riley will be looking to charge home first. Max is another ex Kiwi, now living in Sydney who will be travelling over for the race.

A strong SUP field will also be racing the 24kms from Auckland to Waiheke with Travis Grant looking to defend the title he won in 2013. Beau O Brian, Jake Jensen, Armie Armstrong, JP Tobin and Anabel Andersen will be looking to challenge Travis for the title.

Vaikobi is a proud sponsor of the King of the Harbour and will report back at the conclusion of the race. All competitors will be wearing Vaikobi Hi Vis competitor vests on race day.

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King of the Harbour is proudly sponsored by: Vaikobi, iPaddle, Fenn, Horley, Mocke, Canoe Racing NZ, Nelo, Jantex, Rocktape and Fullers


Chest (Centimeters)   82cm -87cm  89cm-95cm 97cm-102cm 107cm-112cm 117cm-122cm 127cm-132cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    66cm - 70cm  71cm - 76cm 77cm - 85cm 86cm - 95cm  96cm - 105cm 106cm - 114cm


Bust (Centimeters)   78cm -84cm  85cm-90cm 91cm-97cm 98cm-103cm 104cm-109cm 110cm-116cm 
Waist (Centimeters)    58cm - 69cm  64cm - 70cm 71cm - 76cm 77cm - 83cm  84cm - 90cm 91cm - 97cm
Hips (Centimeters)    82cm - 90cm  90cm - 96cm 97cm - 102cm 103cm - 108cm  109cm - 115cm 116cm - 122cm