Winner announced for the first round of the Global Surfski Photo Challenge


Congratulations to #annakatzer_, the winner of the first Globalsurfski Photo Challenge. Anna Katzer will receive a paddling pack from Vakobi worth 400 AUD (270€).

77 photos were uploaded to Instagram and the GlobalSurfski Photo Challenge in January. From these 77 photos a selection of 32 photos were made to the final.

John Hishin from Cape Town Sports Photography was the judge in the first photo challenge and he has picked the winner among the finalists.

A big thanks to all the participants. Next round of the Global Surfski Photo Challenge will be in March. So empty your memory cards, clean the lenses, recharge your batteries and get prepared. More information about the next round is coming up in the end of February.

1. #annakatzer_

John Hishin: “I like the composition, its balanced and a cool angle… also like that some effort was taken to capture the image other than a go pro style pic mounted on a boat where the image is luck.”

#annakatzer’s photo was the winning pic in the first round of the Global Surfski Photochallenge. The winner will recieve a Vaikobi paddling pack

Special mentions to #elyoung88, #sportkajaker_se and #sestaro.


Other finalists

To view the full 32 finalists, go to:

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